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Burst Pipe Repair and Water Damage Restoration


During Arizona winters, it’s not uncommon to hear about home and business owners dealing with damage from pipes that have frozen and burst – but you can also run into problems with burst water heater pipes, ruptured faucet pipes, washing machines, and burst valves. No matter what causes a burst pipe in your property, water damage is a major concern. 

At Arizona Restoration Services, our highly trained team provides emergency pipe repair services in Phoenix and the surrounding areas. We’ll quickly take action to repair busted pipes, implement a professional drying process, and restore any areas damaged by water. 

What to Do When a Pipe Bursts


When a pipe bursts, it’s usually pretty easy to spot – because water will quickly begin flooding the area. Depending on the size of the pipe and the amount of water it supplies, there may quickly be a lot of water where water doesn’t belong. 

So, what do you do when a pipe bursts? Minimize the damage with a few simple steps:

  1. First and foremost, locate your main water supply and shut off the water. 

  2. Leave on any faucets/flush all toilets to help fully drain the pipe and relieve any pressure. 

  3. If the leak is near electrical wires, you may need to shut off the electricity in that area. 

  4. Immediately contact the Phoenix pipe repair team at Arizona Restoration Services. That way, you can get the issue repaired quickly and properly. Don’t attempt any DIY pipe repair, because you could end up creating more problems and costing yourself far more money in the long run.

  5. Then, let our water damage restoration experts take care of getting rid of the water, assessing the damage, and remedying any resulting issues. We’ll also help you file an insurance claim to cover the costs.

What Can Cause a Burst Pipe?


The main reason why pipes burst is the accumulation of pressure. Be it a frozen sheet of ice trapped within the metal tubing or a clump of stuff clogging a major segment, the water will have a difficult time finding an exit and eventually build up. Once this happens, your pipes will expand and explode in no time, leaving you with a gaping hole, which can be impossible to find. 

The effects of burst pipes can be both dramatic and devastating, leaving behind damages and a big mess to deal with. Potential burst pipes can put you out of your home or business for a number of days, and disrupt normal water supply.

Sudden pipe bursts can spill several hundred gallons of water in your home per hour and leave you with thousands of dollars in damages, all the while increasing the risk of mold. Try to locate your main water shutoff valve as you wait for your plumber to fix the broken pipe. As soon as flooding or water damage happens, the clock starts ticking. It’s crucial to arrange for your home to be dried, cleaned, and restored to avert mold growth.

Contact Arizona Restoration Specialists the moment you notice a burst pipe. No matter what time disaster strikes, we’ll be there to clean up and restore your water-damaged property.

Water Damage Restoration in Phoenix

At Arizona Restoration Specialists, we know how disastrous potential burst pipes and flooding can be to home and business owners alike. We’ll work with you to clean up the mess and restore your home to normal quickly.  We have a talented team that can handle emergency burst pipe repairs and ensuing cleanups in Mesa, AZ and the surrounding area. 

Get in touch with us for the following burst-pipe water recovery services:

  • Professional water damage restoration

  • Mold removal, remediation

  • Carpet and upholstery cleaning

  • Water extraction, drying, and dehumidification

  • Carpet, rug, and upholstery cleaning

Like every water-related disaster, water damage is an incident that requires you to respond within the shortest time possible. Our 24/7 emergency water damage repair and restorations will ensure you never lack help or assistance with water damage anytime. We can make a huge difference in protecting your home and helping you get back to normal life after water damage.

Our Water Damage Restoration Process


After the burst pipe is repairs, our Valley water damage experts then come into your home and start the restoration. We’ll first assess the extent of the water damage and use moisture detection equipment to determine moisture levels using thermal imaging. Our restoration experts will report what they can restore and what you must replace. We’ll try to salvage any personal belongings from your home.

Next, cleaners will remove excess water with special drying equipment. Home disinfection follows right after that, and we’ll deodorize any affected areas. Finally, we replace building materials with new ones, where appropriate. 

Unfortunately, time isn’t on your side when you’re dealing with water damage. Contact our trained and certified water damage restoration experts the moment you notice a water problem.

Why You Need a Professional


A burst or frozen pipe is a disaster indeed. These situations expensive to repair, mostly because of the water damage to your property from potential for mold and mildew. 

Having a burst pipe will not only destroy the interior and/or exterior elements of your home, but expose you to numerous illnesses and diseases, as well – due to the numerous toxic substances that are coming from your sewage. 

Do the smart thing and contact the professionals immediately to control the situation. If you’re experiencing leaking or water damage from pipes bursting in Mesa AZ, don’t take the issue lightly. Act fast.

Why Contact Us for Burst Pipe Water Damage?


When it comes to dealing with burst pipes and water damage, Scottsdale, East Valley, and Phoenix home and businessowners alike all turn to Arizona Restoration Specialists. Here’s why:

  • Certified IICRC licensed and insured

  • Insurance deductible assistance

  • Free and fair estimate

  • Fast response times – less than 60 minutes for 24/7 emergencies

  • Help with insurance claims 

We are a local restoration company and have built our reputation for fixing water-damaged homes across the city. For more than 20 years, we have upheld the values of honesty and professionalism that have set up apart as one of the best water damage repair provides in Phoenix. 

Whether your water originates from pipe bursts in winter, tree encroachment, or another reason, we can help. Our home restoration process is fast and efficient, and we will only leave your home when you’re completely satisfied with the results.

Have Burst Pipes? Avoid Further Damage Now.


Dealing with a burst pipe can be a stressful situation for any homeowner. You need to act quickly to resolve the issue and clean up the resulting mess, so you can get your life on track. 

Arizona Restoration Specialists can assess the damage, then share expert advice and our recommendations for the next steps. We keep our lines of communication open and help you understand the impact of the water damage, and how we can restore your property to its pre-damaged condition.

We treat your home as if it were our own. You can count on our restoration company for speedy water removal, an efficient drying process, and competitive prices for burst pipe cleanup and restoration. For professional home restoration after a burst pipe emergency, call (602) 755-3287 to schedule a burst pipe/water damage repair consultation with the experts from Arizona Restoration Services. 

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